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The NEW 9-10 ULV sprayer (9HP – 10 MPH) built by London Foggers was designed at the request from Industry for a more affordable blower machine than London Foggers model 18-20. It has been extensively field tested prior to its release. The 9-10 is smaller in overall size and lighter with less horsepower but will provide adequate results with a lower budget price.


9.5 hp overhead valve single cylinder, electric start
Formulation Pump
12 Volt DC adjustable output,positive displacement, 0-20 oz./min
Formulation Tank
15 gallon (56 liters), corrosion resistant
Particle Size
80% of droplets-less then 20 microns in diameter
Fuel Tank
1.5 gallon (28.38 litre) with gauge
Flush Tank
1 1/4 quart (1.43 liter) corrosion resistant
Rotary, positive displacement, up to 356 CFM
335 lbs (202 kg)
37” (94 cm)
46” (117 cm)
Height39” (99 cm)